HP (BenQ) External LightScribe Burner

I’ve bought this external LightScribe drive, so now I don’t feel bad about letting the general public in on where I saw it.

It’s an HP dvd640e External Lightscribe Burner with USB 2.0 and FireWire. This auction actually has some decent information in it also.

HP dvd640e External LightScribe Burner Auction and Good Information

Hi Bob & Tom,
After you receive your external drive, could you please POST the burst rates for both USB & Firewire from Nero. I really would like to know if this HP Setup can really reach the 16X burn speed.

Thanks for the Info…

I will do that. It will take a few days to get the drive and test.

I’d also be interested if anyone has data for the BenQ DW-1625 installed using various enclosures/ chipsets. Everyone, go buy an internal at Wal-mart and test it with whatever enclosures you have. Take it back to Wal-mart when your done… I love Wal-mart.

Update: LightScribe DVD media available 4/21 (supposedly) @ TapeandMedia.com.

Well, I don’t have a 1625 but I do have a 1620 installed in a Plumax Firewire & USB2 case with the Prolific PL-3507 ChipSet. My Firewire burst rate is 24MB/s and mu USB2 burst rate is 20MB/s (using 47L9 External Firmware).