HP-BD340i what is OEM?

I have an HP BD340i and was wanting to know the OEM version of this drive, I hear it is a Phillips or a Lite-On if it is a Lite-On is it an “iHBS212” ?? if Phillips ???

If so after finding the OEM for this drive, is there a way to get new firmware or patched firmware…also a way to cross flash this to the OEM part, because HP sucks bad, this drive not even listed anywhere on site that I could find.

If this is the Lite-On I have I suspect above, then it supports 3D which is cool I guess, don’t really have anything to view 3D but if I ever do, it will be there waiting. Thanks for your help in advanced guys/gals.:iagree:

This one is an internal [B]combo[/B] liteon clone, right??!

What do you dream about “3D”?
That has absolutely nothing to do with the drive or its firmware!!