HP-BD340i BluRay Burner 12X

I may have an answer…if anybody keeping up, I have looked up certain codes that was on the drive itself way in a corner and found in asian language translated:

Model for the ATAPI iHBS212 2, the development model for the DH-12B2LH, which
i H B S 2 12 2 i H B S 2 12 2
内置半高 蓝光刻录 串口 光雕 速度 产品代数同类产品为iHBS112(不带光雕),将来衍生产品可能有iHBS312-612,衍生OEM产<wbr>品可能有DH12B2S,DH8B2S,DH6B2S等等。 Built-in Blu-ray recorder at half speed serial LightScribe product algebra similar products iHBS112 (without LightScribe), future derivatives may have iHBS312-612, derived from OEM products may have DH12B2S, DH8B2S, DH6B2S and so on.

In very top right corner you will see PLD-DH-12B2LH (B)

also found this:

BD Rewriter
Made by: Philips & LiteON Digital Solutions Corp
Contact: email / website
Date Listed: 3/12/2010

DH-12B2LH, DH-12B2SH
Part #: NA
Revision: 5VUE, CVUE
Test ID: 001030406 / Interop Level: 1.3


Can anybody tell me for sure what OEM part this is and can it be cross-flashed to that OEM part, seems HP has neglected to shoot any info nor has revisions on this drive, which is a very good drive if it did not have that HP firmware on there.

Most importantly, how to cross-flash this drive I am clueless how it can be done with HP firmware => Lite-ON