HP bd335i review?


I am considering either HP 335i or Sony 500s BD writer.
Main consideration is BD-R Write Quality, allow Q-Scanning & come with PowerDVD9/10.
Speed is not important as i burn all my Panasonic BD-R at 2x or 4x only.

In my area, i only have 2 options:
Either HP bd335i or Sony BWU500s.
I believe both are LiteOn rebadge.

I have been searching high and low for review on bd335i, but no luck so far.
Really appreciate if any kind soul can provide any link.
(review on the Sony could be found easily though)

Many Thanks

Where is your region?

Both drives seem to be outdated IMO.

[QUOTE=chef;2660867]Where is your region?

Both drives seem to be outdated IMO.[/QUOTE]

Singapore :bigsmile:

LG drives are everywhere over here.
But i believe they dont support Q-Scan.

I even got my BDR-205 from there.

So youmust have better drive options there.

That must have been sometime back :bigsmile:

Spent this evening combing thru the local PC shopping center.
Beside LG, below is all there is right now.

HP bd335i $150
Sony 500s $190
Asus BW-12B1ST $265

From what i goggle, all the 3 are iHBS112 clone.
Will there be any significant differences in term of Write/Q-Scan quality that can justify the higher price for Sony/Asus ?

Fyi, this purchase is to replace my 2 yr old Samsung B083L that has stop reading Bluray disc.
I have another LG-H20L that i use for burning.