'HP BD Writer bd340i ATA' Blu Ray burning problem

Hi, i’m not sure if this belongs here but here it goes. Hi I’m having trouble writing a blu ray disc from files i have on my computer. ImgBurn and Nero both stop recording while trying to burn (i’ve ruined 3 blank BD-Rs so far). I am using Verbatim 2X BD-R LHT Type discs. I bought and installed the BD Burner drive Friday (Model: HP BD Writer bd340i ATA) and couldn’t burn at first and subsequent tries. It’s able to burn DVDs but not Blu Rays.

I posted this at another website and they recommended you guys.
Post where he helped.

He said it might have to do with the firmware not being able read LHT Type discs and that my drive might be a LiteOn. He said "Well, it means you can probably crossflash it to a real liteon. It probably wouldn’t hurt to upload the firmware/eeprom you extracted either… then they can tell you for sure if crossflash is possible and if so, to which exact model. "

So can i get my drive to work with burning Blu Rays by crossflashing? Would you all need me to upload the firmware/eeprom i extracted? Thank you for any help you can offer.

Maybe if the topic title was ‘HP BD Writer bd340i crossflash’ rather than ‘burning problem’ you’d get the help you need :slight_smile:

We know the LiteOn iHBS112 / iHBS212 were both unable to burn LTH media until a recent firmware update (there were 3 or 4 updates within a short period of time trying to fix it), so you just need to know if your drive can be crossflashed to either of those two drives in order to get you up and burning.

Hehe, true. Well, i gave up on it and returned it back to Best Buy. I got an LG BH10LS30 and as of right now it appears to be burning the LTH disc just fine! :slight_smile: My next problem is trying to find out if my Magnavox nb500mg1fc is capable of reading LTH discs.:confused:

That is another reason I’ve not jumped on the BR bandwagon yet just too many
different problems to have to work through and hope this player will play / burn
this disc or that disc just too many headaches at the moment and I’ll just happily
stick to my trustee old DVD discs for the time being. :iagree:

Yeah, trying to find out which burner and player is compatible with LTH discs is kind of hard for the layman like me. But man, the sheer quality of Blu Ray is too much to pass up. I don’t think i’ll ever want to go back to DVD. It’s kind of like going from Dial-Up to Broadband - once you get a taste, you can’t be satisfied with anything less!