HP announces expected launch and pricing of its LightScribe technology

I just posted the article HP announces expected launch and pricing of its LightScribe technology.

 Yamaha  which ceased its optical disc recording hardware production were the first to  allow consumers to 'burn' a visible disc label into the unused portion of the  data side of the CD. ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7914-HP-announces-expected-launch-and-pricing-of-its-LightScribe-technology.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7914-HP-announces-expected-launch-and-pricing-of-its-LightScribe-technology.html)

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Useless feature…unless you are a commercial pirate! It is quicker just to print the damn thing on some sticky label and use a CD Labeller to cut the label and stick it on your burned CD/DVD media…my $0.02 worth

THat is soo cool, I would so use that. It is not only cool but also cheaper then Icepax’s method if you consider that the labels for the CDs cost money AND ink from the printer. :slight_smile:

cd labels are way out. Everyone these days are using a printer in combination with printable media. I would definitely buy a drive for the right price.

“Everyone these days are using a printer in combination with printable media” What make and model of printer and media? I’ve got a HP Deskjet 840C and am willing to get one of those printers.

jamlid78, I hear the Canon i865 prints directly onto any inkjet printable CD-Rs. I plan on getting one myself.

http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9095 The Epson R200 and R300 does as well with six inks. The R200 is supposed to be 99 bucks, but was only available in Europe at the time of the article. I would like to have both the laser and the direct print. Each has a purpose and advantage. This is the first I have heard of the price for the lightscribe. 10 bucks is a heck of a bonus feature for a drive. :X

The R200 is now available in the U.S. via Staples website for $99.99. I have the older Epson 900 which is wonderful in itself. I still plan on buying this drive if it catches fire here/

ARHHHhhhhhhhhg…Vipers …Vipers!!!..still, with the growing concern that the adhesive on the stickon labels may be leading to the breakdown of the recordable layer and the resultant corruption of data, these might be the way to go. Think I’ll wait for the liteOn version…why ?..cos I wouldn’t give HP the steam off my piss on a cold morning to play trains with…:X
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Seems like a good way to waste your laser’s finite lifespan to me… What’s wrong with writing the title by hand with a water-based marker for chrissakes? (unless you’re planning to sell the output…)

I think it will be (due to the cheap price) just a matter of time before all disks are the coated type and all drives have this ability…:g

I’ve got a Cannon i865 and IMHO it’s the best inkjet printer I’ve seen (I work in IT so see quite a few). The direct CD / DVD printing is excellent and the bog standard paper text printing is almost as good as a laser printer. Highly recommended.

this is very cool - but i hope it doesnt take forever to do one disk…its not like the label burning is guaranteed to go at 52x…ya know what i mean…ihave the tamaha…its really cool with the right dye, but it takes from 2 to 10 minutes…thats a lot of i have a promo dosk that needs a duplication of about 50 copies…nevertheless…its a cool thing-