HP and a Matshita UJ-850S are driving me NUTS!

HP and a Matshita UJ-850S are driving me NUTS!

I have several HP laptops including a very nice DV2000. Had an optiarc dvd re ad-7561a ata device. Was a nice drive. My daughter worked it to death but until it died, lightscribe worked fine. HP sent me a drive to swap. They sent me an Matshita UJ-850S. The “new” drive was not recognized as a lightscribe drive no matter what we did. I was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours by the way, not counting on-line chat time with HP. Their tech support had me do things that even they could not explain to me how doing some of that stuff would make any difference. We just did it. Of course nothing they suggested worked.

By reading on the Light Scribe forum and asking the Light Scribe technical folks they provided the pictures for the Light Scribe sensor. This sensor indicates the drive IS a light scribe drive. Seems like an easy enough way to check drives to make sure they are actually Light Scribe drives. Plus in searching the web I found other folks having issues with this drive not doing light Scribe.

Sure enough there is no sensor on this drive. I checked my other HP laptops which do have Light Scribe drives in them, and equally as sure, those drives have the sensor.

I contacted HP again. Seems to me they have something flagged wrongly in their parts database. HP has this non-lightscribe drive flagged as a lightscribe drive.

I provided pictures of and explanation for the non-lightscribe vs. lightscribe drive to an HP Case Manager. And to my utter amazement after the conversation, HP sent me TWO of the same non-lightscribe drives AGAIN. The exact same non-lightscribe drives! Talk about insanity.

HP has finally agreed that maybe they have a problem with their parts database and having a non-Light Scribe drive indexed as a Light Scribe drive. Since the bezel has a Light Scribe emblem on it, I’d say its a bigger problem internally at HP than just an index being off in their parts database. Something is royally messed up somewhere.

HP still jerking me around. It has been months now. Months for a simple DVD writer drive swap. Totally unacceptable. In the mean time they’ve sent me an external drive. And it has the light scribe sensor. Amazing, hey?

While that seems nice, glad to have it, we have laptops for a reason. Its not so we can take a bunch of external devices and find places to plug them in, etc.

Practical while home sitting at a desk. Not practical at all when actually using a laptop for why we have laptops in the first place.

My opinion of HP is really taking a hit on this one. Talk about foot dragging.

They have getting their internal issue fixed bound to/with me getting the correct lightscribe drive. In other words I have to wait for HP to get its act together internally before they’ll act on my issue. Anyone have a clue how long it takes for a huge oil tanker of a company like HP to fix something? I’ll be ready for a new laptop by the time they get their act together.

Totally frustrating!

Here is the picture of the light scribe sensor.


Here is the picture of the non-light scribe drive HP keeps sending me over and over and over…


I have asked the “case manager” to speak with her supervisor but she refused to allow me to do so. Said “supervisors” at HP don’t communicate with the “public”. I guess that puts me in my place as an HP Customer hey?

My opinion of HP quality and service and commitment to customers is taking a huge hit on this one.

IF you are having issues with light scribe and your HP laptop, please check your drive and see if you have the sensor indicates it actually IS a light scribe drive.

I have no end in sight with HP on this issue. Totally unacceptable.

Thanks for letting me rant. If you are having any issues with HP and light scribe hopefully my frustration will help someone else some how.

Matshita drives have no Ls abilities.

You don’t have to convince me of that…


No progress with HP as of May 4.

Friday, May 8

No word from HP despite my asking them to periodically keep me informed.

Friday, May 15th. No word from HP. And the external drive they sent me to use “in the mean time”, its external power supply has gone bad and is now useless.

Well here it is May 31st and absolutely no word from HP. I have emailed the case manager again. But this time I am asking for the case number she is working with. The HP case manager’s case numbers are different than the case number assigned when you first call in. She has until Wednesday to do something constructive or will be doing the AZ Attorney General thing. I’ve been more than patient enough.

Well finally. HP sent me the correct lightscribe drive. It took my case being assigned to new case manager, one specifically for technical support. Proper drive arrived today. This started in January. Amazing!

Glad they finally got you the right drive type. :slight_smile:

Not trying to joke, because I’ve been using HPs for a while myself, but sometimes…your time is better spent trying to right the wrong yourself. In this case, it probably would have been easier to get a new LS slim writer from online out of pocket & and install it than bother with HP. When HP helps, it helps. But it might take a while & a large chunk of your patience before it happens. :doh:

Did you get the same model of Optiarc or a different model altogether?


I could have picked a new one up from reputable dealer on eBay for not too much and have been done with it. But we just extended the service contract/warranty with HP.

The tech support guy said they found out what i was complaining about had happened to a few other folks as well. Gotta wonder if it would have been just me if HP would have done anything other than blow me off.

However the tech support case manager guy did not know the previous ones were coming with lightscribe insignia on the bezel. This is what the previous female case manager never seemed to get and I’m not surprised the new guy was in the dark. HP had a non-lightscribe drive indexed wrongly AND with a lightscribe bezel on it. It is a bigger problem then someone picking the wrong part off the shelf. One of HP’s suppliers externally, could be internally, someone at some point is getting the thing way wrong. One drive with the wrong bezel on it, ok, that’s an honest mistake. Four drives in succession? HP has a problem somewhere way beyond my single little drive.

At least he finally got it. Did the “What!?” thing as in “how come I’m just learning about this now” thing.

I’ve got the right one now. Who knows what HP is going to do about the bigger problem? I did my best to get them to understand it. Can’t do more than that.

I guess they finally saw the light…

Sorry… I will understand if I get flamed for this… my first and possibly worst ever comment on the internet.