HP 9500i



I am a little new to Clone CD. I want to know if anyone knows if I can make perfect copies using an HP 9500i that I just purchased. I am upgrading from a Yamaha 8424s. This new drive is suppossed to be able to do raw+doa96 (orwhatever it is). but I am not sure if it means that I can copy safe disc2, and other cd’s. Can anyone let me please know if this is possible.:confused:


Terms explained on the CloneCD Hardware Requirements:

Best Supported Write Mode: RAW-DAO (Disc At Once RAW Mode). A must have for every copy-protection. The best supported write mode of CloneCD.

Buffer under run Technology: Does the drive have a (supported) technique to prevent buffer-underruns?

Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns: Does the drive support SafeDisc2 ?

Best supported Read Mode for Audio/Data: Can the drive read the full SubChannels (96bytes), partial (16bytes) or none at all. Of course 96bytes would be best (for instance PlayStation games).

The HP do not support SafeDisc 2…


Well according to this link and my hp9200i scsi safe disc 2 burnt for me.


I know (it’s my list ;)) but I didn’t know if he had the SCSI version… Normally the HP do not support SD2 but you’re right that there are exceptions.

Sorry for the mistake.