HP 9500+ always burns some bad files, why?

I haven’t been able to burn a CD-R or CD-RW properly for a while. It used to be Nero (and most other burner programs) worked just fine, burning image files, data, music CD’s, and on both CD-Rs and CD-RWs. Then all of a sudden Data Verification starts reporting that some burnt files are different from the source files. CDCheck says the same thing. And this happens with almost EVERY CD! The bad thing is that I have similar problems with CloneCD, Fireburner, Alcohol, you name it. All the CD’s are readable, and most of the files seem fine. But some of the files are inaccessable, or at least don’t match the original files.
I have had the same problem with every version of Nero (since the problem started, anyway) and likewise with the other programs. I have tried buying a new IDE cable with no effect. I have tried burning at the slowest speed, with same results.
So, is there anything I can try, or should I just go buy a new burner?
(And if so, would a LTR52327S be a good choice?)

Intel Celeron (Tualatin) 1400 MHz
Win98 SE
HP CD-Writer 9500+

I hope you also have tried better media like mitsubishi or Taiyo Yuden?

Media is very likely to cause problems like this.

I’m using Fujifilm 700MB CD-Rs and Imation 650MB CD-RWs. I haven’t used the Imations much in the past but I’ve burned a lot of the Fujifilms before without trouble. It’s just in the past months that I couldn’t burn properly with either kind. By the way, I bought a spindle of Memorex 700MB CD-RWs a while back, but my burner wouldn’t even recognize them (it just kept trying to access them). Could it be that the HP 9500+ just isn’t very good as far as compatibility goes? Would a drive like the LiteOn I mentioned be more compatible with (cheaper) media?
Anyway, if it really sounds like a bad media problem, I’ll try using some of those brands you mentioned and see what happens.
No chance this is purely a software problem, I guess?

I doubt it’s a software problem, but you never know. Fujifilm may be good - it depends on the manufacturer.

Yes Lite-On drives is among the best drives for use with cheap media.

Well how about that. Nero CD Speed says the manufacturer for the Fujifilm CD-Rs IS Taiyo Yuden. It’s starting to look like there’s just something wrong my burner…