HP 940i dual layer write problems

OK, I am quite new to the jargon but here is what I know.

I have an HP 940i DVD writer that worked OK (but I never used it in dual layer mode) in my old XP Pro system so I installed it in my new Dell XP Pro. I can read and play movies and it writes flawlessly to CD and DVD-R media. Now I am trying to back up movies and I cannot write in dual layer mode. I have Sony 8.5GB dual layer media.

I am reading that this is actually a Lite-on drive and the label indicates ‘LIT-SH-16A7H(B)’. I also read here that one guy down loaded Kprobe and Flash Utility and reflashed his HP drive to compatible Lite-on firmware to fix the problem.

My flash ID is c2 14 00 de and Flash size is 2MB. I got this info from the code guys Flash Utility.

I am trying to install Kprobe and it hangs at the ‘font validation’ window. 3 attempts failed. Should this take more than a few minutes? I waited 5-6 minutes with no apparent progress.

Am I on the right track to solve the problem?



KProbe is a DVD testing software, it will work with Lite-On drives.
To be able to run it, you need Lite-On drive or re flash yours to Lite-On, if that is what you believe your drive is.
Only one thing about re flashing, if you are not sure, you may end up buying new drive.

Right but I am having problems just installing Kprobe. Should it take 5-6 minutes ‘verifying or validating fonts’ whatever that means?

Forget KProbe, it will (and probably already has) mess with your system, unless you know what you’re doing. Use Nero CD-DVD Speed instead (www.cdspeed2000.com).

The drive label indicates you have a SATA drive. Is this correct?

Yes it is an SATA. I just got a reply from HP that was of no help. The drive works great and burns fine except in dual layer. I just attempted that just this week to no avail. My last G/f broke into my house and ripped off over 200 movies, my best ones, and I now wish I had copies. that wont happen again! Yeah she got the DVD’s and $20K worth of my stuff. I got paid for it but it cost me attorneys fees of almost that amount but the only satisfaction is that is cost her attorney fees too plus the cost to pay me back.


How can Kprobe mess up my computer? I just scanned it for viruses and it passed but what else should I look for. I plan to remove Kprobe but what else can I do to abate any problems caused by it. And yes I dont really know what I am doing. If the HP does not do dual layer, I’ll just buy one that will and relegate the HP to the easy stuff.

The KProbe installer puts an Adaptec ASPI layer on your system, which may be fine for Win98, but is definitely not desirable on XP. Once installed, it is near impossible to remove from the Registry.

I can’t tell you whether that drive is any good with DL, I never use it myself. If you need to do a lot of thém, you may be better off with a Pioneer though. Other than that, make sure your PC’s SATA controller is set up correctly (BIOS settings and drivers) on a clean Windows (no virtual drive/emulation software for example). You’ll also want to replace the Sony’s with Verbatim Double Layer discs.

Ok. I ran Nero today and saw that no ASPI was installed. I removed K Probe without problems. It may be that DVD Clone software does not support the 940i and I am still trying to sort out NERO to see if it will copy hard drive files. I’ll use DVD Clone to copy to HDD then Nero to burn it. Any knowledge of that? I have Nero OEM Suite 6.6, Nero 7 Ultra, and Nero Smart Start which I think fronts Nero 6.6. Nero 6.6 disk says it has DVD writer plug in but when trying to burn to a disk Nero prompts me to their website to by the plug in. Not sure what that is all about yet.

What is the problem with Sony DL media. I just bought 50 of them for $63 and no chance of a return…Best Buy you know.

And what Pioneer DL drive do you suggest and what is the approx cost. Time is money for me.

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about DVD Clone. I rip with DVD (Fab) Decrypter. I hope you didn’t install both Nero 6 & 7 on the same system though. Time to uninstall and run the Nero CleanTools then, before choosing only one version. Or better yet, use ImgBurn instead (especially for DL burning).

I’m not sure which Manufacturer ID and Country of Origin your Sony’s are, but it is generally accepted that only Verbatim +R DL (MKM 001/003) discs are reliable. Anything else can be hit-and-miss.

Current Pioneer burner models are DVR-115 (PATA) and 215 (SATA). Newegg.com lists these at around $30.

Thanks for the info. No I have only one version of Nero on my system…the one that needs a plug-in and I looked at the other versions to see if the plug-in was available by installing a different version. I need to research this more.

Clone DVD was offered free by my son but I have no preference what to use…whatever works. I am just learning about all of this.

Here is the disc info on the Sony media. Ritek D01 is the manufacturer and no country of origin shown. Any opinion?

I’ll check into DVD Decrypter and IMG Burn.

Like I say, I am new to this so if there are articles about this here no need to repeat the material.

Is the preferred way to copy the movie to the HDD, then burn to the DL media? I copied the movie to my HDD then tried to burn it using Nero. Nero wanted to copy DVD to DVD but I have only one DL drive. I could not figure out how to copy from the HP 940 then write to the HP 940.

Then I opened a DVD project in Nero and loaded the video file from the HDD and I got a ‘cannot read memory’ error and the only option given was to abort the entire project. I have 4 gb of memory and the movie was 7.5GB as I remember. I did not know if Nero was trying to put all that in memory and overloaded RAM.

So I’ll look for a tutorial on copying movies here and if you have any other suggestions or insights, there are most welcome.


If you have OEM version of Nero, it is a stripped version of a program. You will need to get whatever it asks for. If you have full version of Nero that was first stable version of Nero7. You can get rid of version 6 using “Clean Tool” and load version7.
Smart start is part of version7.
You can copy disc using same drive, what the software does is copy file to temporary folder and than copy that to an empty disc. Temp folder is deleted at the end of burn. Software will eject full disc and ask to insert empty disc when ready.
To do DVD, you need to rip it first. CloneDVD is OK, but it is only compressing software, you will need AnyDVD which is made by same company and closely coupled with CloneDVD.
For start try to do single layer disc, it is more safe for good compatibility with home DVD player.
For dual layer burning use ImgBurn instead of Nero.

Hi Marc, - I may have been wrong about your drive being SATA. According to LiteOn nomenclature, the SH-16A7[B]H[/B] should be a PATA (IDE) drive with LightScribe. So I think we can rule out SATA controller/driver problems.

About the Ritek DL’s, I don’t think you’ll find many people here recommending them. Again, no personal experience with DL, as I don’t use it. Before taking the plunge and buying a Pioneer for DL burning however, you could consider “crossflashing” the HP to more recent (and probably better) original LiteOn firmware. The A7 drives are hardware-compatible with newer A1 versions and the logical LiteOn model for crossflashing your drive would be the LH-20A1H (current firmware version LL0D). This is entirely at your own risk however and will require some familiarization with the flashing tools and procedures (everything can be found here in the LiteOn section).

For DL backups, you’ll find the consensus is to forget about Nero and use ImgBurn. I also prefer to rip my movies as one ISO file in stead of a VIDEO_TS folder. Standard procedure is indeed to rip the DVD to HDD first, then do a full or a main movie only backup to DL or SL discs. There’s multiple commercial softwares to do this, but the freeware route is ‘DVD Fab HD Decrypter’ for ripping to HDD and ImgBurn for burning to disc. In between you can Re-author with DVD Shrink, if you want to backup the main movie only to SL disc for example. If the original DVD doesn’t have one of the latest copy protections, you may also use DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter -predecessor of ImgBurn- (also in combination with RipIt4Me for more recent titles) for the ripping process. DVD Fab HD Decrypter is the only ripper that’s being updated however (and therefor can handle everything).

As you can probably tell by now, it’s a bit of a learning process to backup DVD’s. And there’s multiple ways/programs to get a similar result, whereby different people will have different preferences. I’m sure with a bit of time and effort though, you can do it too.

Ok, here is what I have worked out so far.

I backed up an older DVD “King Arthur” and used Clone DVD to make an ISO image on my HDD.

Then I used Nero to burn the image to a DL DVD and the drive worked fine. I played the DVD on my Blu Ray player and from what I can tell the quality is as good as the original. I guess the 940i is working in DL mode after all. I watched it as it completed layer 1 and went on to layer 2.

I’ll check out the software you suggested because Clone DVD may not handle newer DVD.s and I’ll experiment with the other software you suggested.

Now one more thing or maybe two. I would now like to eliminate the previews which you cannot fast forward through as well as the MGM Lion’s roar etc. Can you direct me to that info?

Any getting on to my porn collection, I want to prepare my own DVD’s with just the chapters I like. Just like a CD where you get maybe one or two songs you like after you buy the whole package, pron is much the same way I am finding. My wife likes certain things and if I can assemble chapters of certain DVD’s to appeal to her taste, and others for mine, that would be very cool indeed. Can you offer any help here? Technique and software if different from above.

This is a great help by the way. My son gave me Clone DVD but said he gave up figuring out how to copy movies and he writes Flash and Cloud code for fortune 500 websites. He said this area is a deep dark hole that did not figure out…so THANKS a bunch for the help.

CloneDVD is usually paired with AnyDVD (from the same Slysoft company) to defeat new copy protections. It will also burn the ripped image, or do main movie only, remove previews, etc., I think so anyway (never used it myself, as there’s freeware doing the same and more). Still no need for Nero, as you can see. :wink:

To assemble your own DVD with clips from other discs, I would use DVD Shrink, in Re-author mode (set the output of Shrink to ISO, and burn this with ImgBurn). Right-clicking on your selections in Shrink, you can set start and end frames and thus cut out the exact sections you want. Then just keep adding chapters/titles from other discs before you hit Backup. Each of your selections will be a separate title on your new DVD (DVD Shrink doesn’t do menu’s however, that’s another matter). I don’t have any links handy, but there’s guides for this type of work on the Net. DVD Shrink can be downloaded from mrbass.org (they have some guides too, otherwise take a look at videohelp.com). But, as always, there’s nothing like experimenting yourself (and learning the hard way). :slight_smile:

Ok, here is what I have done so far. I got DVD Shrink and DVD decriptor.

I separated the chapters I wanted but I hit back up after each chapter. Also I did not find how to select ISO as the output mode (and F1 and Help does not work) and so now I have 40-50 chapters all in separate folders but in Video_TS and Audio_TS format.

Now what do I do?

Can I convert these to ISO so I can use Imgburn? Or how can I use the TS files and go from there to burning?

What do you suggest from this point so I can finally burn these to a DVD? I would not like to re-copy all the DVD’s again then sort and backup each chapter unless that is the only way to get there from here.

Ok I tried DVDshrink with some help from another forum and got it figured out. No reply necessary to my problem.

These may help you. In the first link, Posts #67 to #74, but also read Post #78.




OK, thanks again. I copies all this for later review. And regarding post #78, I get it…good advice.