HP 940d



I have an HP 940d ver.3H23 DVD burner with lightscribe. Is there a firmware update. Is it the same update as a 940i or a 940e? I’ve read that it might be a lite-on OEM and also that it is not. Don’t know at this point. HP was absolutely no help. I know, I know… I can buy a new and better one but I would at least like to find out. To make matters worse I know nothing about “flashing” firmware. Yea I know I got lots of questions. Somebody want to help a confused old fart out??



Have a look at http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/hp-dvd940i-latest-firmware-update-207344/. To verify your drive is a Liteon drive, make a backup of the firmware and eeprom with the flash and eeprom utility.