HP 9300 series can Burn 90 Minute CD?




I have HP 9300 CD Writer and i wish to know How can I burn a 90 minute CD .

Should I upgrade my Firmware ?




have you tried doing the overburning test in CD Speed or Feurio.

Does nero show - overburning supported?


I am affraid to damage my recorder… Dos anyone try to make it ?


You can cannot burn a 90 minute CD without Over Burning.


Nero support Overburn but i really don´t know how much time i can put over 80 min without damage my recorder. Is there a way to know this ?


To the best of my knowledge, NO.

But, try an Overburning Simulation in Nero CD Speed or Feurio.

It will at least let you know the burner’s overburning capacity in minutes.


I have this burner too… it cant overburn… if u try to burn a 90Min Cd it will stop at about 80Mins…

c ya


I´ll try today and post the results here !