I have a HP 9210e cd-writer, using it with a scsi-usb 1.1 cable. It works great, but there are some questions i cannot answer myself, so maybe anybody knows:

  1. Will i be able to boost the speed of the burner to 8x when inserting it in a usb 2.0 pcmcia card? (the burner supports 8x but usb 1.1 allows max 4x)

  2. When burning audio at 4x, the recorder buffer runs slowly out and a buffer underrun occurs. When burning data this problem does not popup. How come?

Thanx in advance, Roderick

  1. Yes. Speeds above 4X are only possible with USB 2.0 and above. You may use USB 2.0 expansion cards to achieve this.

  2. Do you have any anti-virus softwares running in the background? Disable them.

The usb 2.0 bus should be recognized by the scsi-usb driver?

btw. i have antivirus software running but the autoprotect feature is off. I have enough ram (256 on celeron 800). Maybe it’s the harddrive? I use a laptop and could it be a 4200 RPM is not fast enough?

Thanx already again (you’re the experts here!)