HP 9110i



I recently bought a HP9110i cd writer. This is meant to be an 8x writer but i am having problems using 2x with easycd doing an audio burn! can anyone tell me how i can get it faster?


Give us some more info about your computer. It can have numerous reasons why it doesn’t work at 2x speed. Maybe your IDE bus is overloaded (i.e. cd-writer and cd-rom or dvd-player on the same bus, which sometimes gives problems) or your computer is too slow (for 8 speed burning, a Pentium-II is recommended in combination with a fast harddisk + fast controller.


Crazy Bob thanks for the reply!
My system is as follows:
Celeron 400 o/c to 500
HP9110i running off secondary ide (master)
other cd rom (40x) drive is running as slave with hard drive Toshiba 8.4Gb (I dont know speed of HD)


OK, My system may be a bit more tweaked than yours… PIII 600w/440bx, 128mb… I have a HP9210 scsi (Is that i or e?? I forget) and can only burn successfully at 8X if I make a disk image first. Even reading from DvD rom i only make coasters burning on the fly @ 8X. The transfer rate of your Ultra ATA/66 hard drive should be able to keep your buffer full. If your doing a audio burn from mp3’s off your hard drive useing EZ CD’s spin-doctor I wouldn’t excpect much more than 2X. ^I’ve never owned a IDE burner, So no help there^
… I’ve found Nero is a bit more reliable…

Hope this helps… Azazel…


I’ve got a 9110i and I used to have a K6-2 300, 64Mb RAM, 9Gb UDMA66 HD and I’ve never had ANY buffer underruns, I even copy on-the fly (except audio cd’s ofcourse). The writer is connected to the second port, as master, together with a CD-ROM. I really don’t see why you should have a P3 600, run system monitor when you’re burning and you’ll see that it only takes a little bit of cpu resourses, 4, maybe 5 % (now even less than 1% on my Cel 466 oc. to 550).