HP 9110i good burner?



I want to buy a new burner,cause my 3610 sometimes hangs,and its speed(what speed?) is starting to bug me.Last day I saw a hp 9110i for f 569,-.I think this is a very good price for such a fast burner.Do you think I should buy it,and will my system (cel400,128mbRAM,8,4gb MaxtorHD)have no problems with it?I usually burn audio,mp3 and sometimes data.Thanks…


It’s a decent writer but it doesn’t support 80 minute cdr’s, which is something you should consider since you burn a lot of audio cds. Plextor or Yamaha would be a better choice & they are around the same price.


ZIB, That’s not really true… HP Just states they don’t build in official support for 80mins cd’s because 74mins is the official standard…
But the drive does support 80mins cd’s. I don’t have any probs burning them with the 9110i.


The 9110 is a really good drive, I’ve had it for a couple of months now and I never have coasters, not even when I copy on-the fly.
Be sure to use quality cd-r’s however, cause those cheap one’s aren’t any good, use TDK, Philips, Sony etc.
It can read and write 80min cd’s, it can even read beyond 80min (some cd’s hold more than 700Mb of data, though I’ve only seen one yet). Also, do a clean install of Win98 when you buy it, 'cause it works better that way. I suggest using Nero and CloneCD. Also install the new ASPI layer.


if you want to buy it, buy it by BCC.
only Fl 545,-