Hp 9100 cdwrite reporting wrong disk size

Have a Hp9100 cdwriter and it reports the wrong size for the disks.
I am using CdBurnerXp to get the disk information. I would also be the program that I would use to burns cds.

I also have a LG GCE8526B which also use CdBurnerXp and it reports the correct size for the disks.

I have checked the Hp site and it says the writer should support 700mb disks.

Any ideas as to why it would do this?

HP likes seeing drives set as cable select. Try setting the jumpers on the back of each drive to CS. Also make sure that the HP drive is set to DMA and not PIO.


Ok, I have checked out the setting in the Control Panel and Hp9100 is set to DMA, I have checked the setting and both drives are set to Cable Select.

The HP9100 still report the wrong size.

Question if I have the drive set to DMA does it mean it is not set to PIO?
IF not how do I change the PIO setting?

Hey Ed… Sounds like your settings are good. And yes it can only be set to one or the other, DMA or PIO. I’d now suggest DL’ing Nero’s free trial version and see what it tells you in Neros System tools. You can get this dirrectly off of Nero’s site. Good luck and welcome to the forum.