HP 8x DVD+R spindles

I was in a local Staples today and noticed some differences in these spindles. Some of them had obvious CMC-style cakeboxes with the super-high protruding top lip (not sure if that’s what to call it) with about 3-4 styrofoam rings holding the discs in place. I assume those have a CMC media code. The other cakeboxes however had a flatter top lip and only 1 or 2 styrofoam rings on top of the discs (the discs are pressed up higher against the top of the cakebox). I wonder what those could be? I’ve heard of HP supplying MCC003… The rings blocked my view of the serial number printed around the plastic hub area so I couldn’t determine anything. Has anyone tried these out?

I bought a couple of the HP 8X+R 25-disc packs last month at Office Max, and they were CMC MAG E01-000. Nice purple and white labels (don’t remember how they were sealed), but while I can burn lots of stuff at 8X with my Zebra mod 411s/811s, I have to burn these ones at 2.4X (even though they show as 8X in all identifier programs). Anything faster produces loads of unreadable sectors. Finally returned the unopened one and used up the others when I had plenty of time to burn.

I found a ton of “Made in Japan” Fuji 8X +R in the 50-packs at Best Buy this week, for $20.00 each. All turned out to be TY (YUDEN000-T02-000). That same SKU number was showing as on sale for that price at their website, but since they showed there as being 2.4X, I wasn’t gonna take a chance on them. Got a chance to get to the store, and got lucky.

I guess I should have specified they were the 50 disc spindles.