HP 8x DVD-R from Staples... only burn at 2x

I have a Lite-ON LDW-411S drive. I was having a problem with some 16x media only burning at 1x (my burner is a 4x), so I updated the firmware to the latest, and that solved the problem.

I just bought a 25 spindle of these HP 8X DVD-R from Staples, and these guys will only burn at 2.4X! I am so frustrated because my dvd burner has the latest firmware from lite on’s site.

Anyone have a clue why this is? Does this media suck, or is it just too new for my older lite on drive to properly recognize it?

I ordered a spindle of 100 TY’s… Hopefully those will work much better for me!

BTW, I have had really good luck with the HP DVD+R discs… it’s just these -r ones that are being problem children!

hmm, CMC MAG AE1, probably not supported by the latest firmware. Good choice on TY, your burner will definately support that media

Check out the LiteOn forum (may wanna post there instead) in the DVD Burner section. You’ll probably get more responses and better targeted audience for your post.

I’ve only used a LiteOn SOHW-812SX, but from what I’ve read (and experienced briefly), LiteOn’s fare much better with +R media (esp. Made In Japan - ie. TY’s) than -R.

I’ve had HORRID burns (scanned with a BenQ 1620) from the SOHW-812SX using even Fujifilm 8x DVD-R’s (FUJIFILM03). And, yet it did ‘ok’ (still not acceptable for me) with TDK 8x +R’s (CMC MAG E01).

Good luck with those TY’s. Hopefully, they’re +R’s. :slight_smile: