Hp 840i error (I know it's LG technically)



hello, i’ve got this 840i. it burns dvd’s and cd-rw’s fine, lightscribes as well, but whenever i try burn a cd-r at whatever speeds at about 30% done I always(!) get a “Track follow error”. I am not tech savvy @ this stuff, but i reckon it’s a calibration error?
Had to throw out all my cds (including the HP’s sample lightscribe cd). Flashed to a newest version from HP. no change… very upset.
I’ve heard ppl crossflash these into LG-4166b? where can i find more info and would it help (as it voids the warranty I would like to know if it’s worth it)? or should I start walking towards the shop i bought this at?


Have a look at Q19 here :




What do people think FAQs are for…? Brrr.


I think because it is buried in that list of stickies, most people don’t notice it. They think it is some other out of date stuff that doesn’t apply anymore.

Come to think of it, I need to update the FAQ too.


thanks, it was 3o’clock in the morning, almost asleep, did not notice. however, the question is WOULD that help? someone must understand here whether that error is caused by software or the drive is physically faulty and there is no point in tampering with it…


No one (except an wizard maybe) could give you an definite answer to such an question & issue.


No real way of knowing. What CDs were you using for those burns that failed? Did you only try one brand of them?


like ~6 different brands/subbrands including verbatim, tdk, a couple of cheapos. anyway talked to tech support, will return the thing. I am not taking the risk :slight_smile: shame on me.
thanks to all who replied