HP 840b with Nero burns very slowly now

Previously to today, I was able to burn a group of video files to DVD in about 4 minutes. Today, all of a sudden, those same files are taking 40 minutes to burn to a DVD. I tried reloading Nero, but no change. I have noticed that the buffer level now fluctuates between 35% and 90% while burning. Previously, when burning was fast, the buffer level was constant at 92%. Any ideas???

What speed are you burning at? what media are you using? is there a speed limit for that media? firmware? burner?

I am using Memorex 16X DVDs; Nero selects the speed based on the media detected. The DVD would burn at 4 minutes previously, but now 40 minutes. Maybe the DVD drive is going bad?

I downloaded a new firmware file and the speedier burning has been restored. :slight_smile: