Hp 840b stutters

I recently purchased an hp media center.I use windows xp .i installed nero 7 and found when burning dvds that i would get a 1 second stutter during playback.i do not receive any message errors.i contacted hp and they tell me nero is not supported by this dvd burner(hp 840b) ,they did suggest a more recent firmware which i downloaded hi86 .this firmware was supposed to fix compatability with nero and sonic (sonic came with the pc).after trying hi86 i received the same problem.i then uninstalled nero and used sonic and get the same result.these are little 1 second stutter thats occur at various points during playback,they vary from 10 to 13 minutes apart.picture quality is fine ,audio is fine and burning cds is not an issue.just these frustrating 1 second stutters.i do have dvd decrytor and dvd shrink on my drive as well.

Enable DMA for the drive first.

Also Sonic has some drivers that conflict with Nero I’m told.

True, the Packet-Writing crap… InCd etc.

thx for the response.enabled dma .same result.i would prefer to use nero any problem with uninstalling sonic and will that correct the issue.

You only need to uninstall DLA.

i have right clicked on the properties in my computer on the dvd wtiter drive and do not see an option for dla or enable/disable dla.is there somewhere else i should look.

settings softwares