Hp 8250i problems

I have an hp 8250i and the problem that I am having is that it is not burning cdr / cdrw 's. I 've taken it out and tried it in another machine & it works fine. I can format a cdrw. However I cannot transfer any data to it I get a message saying this disk may be write protected. I’ve tried to burn a cdr with roxio easy cd creator platinum and it does a simulation but ejects the cd when it is time to burn it.
I’ve removed all cdr related software and installed only roxio and tried that. but with no success. I’ve also tried removing and re installing the device. but for some reason it still not working.
I’m assuming that it’s a corrupted driver that i’m misssing but I could be wrong. I also want to over clock it to the 9100 standard has anyone try this and how has it performed ?
Thank you for your assitance


Conversion to 9100:

Make sure you have #C4495B on your drive and it has a 4mb and not a 2mb buffer. Otherwise forget about it.

The fact that it works in a different machine leads me to believe it is in Windows what is causing this.

Perhaps, and I now this is drastic, you should reinstall windows. An alternative, though not as easy, but perhaps less time consuming, is cleaning the registry.