HP 8250i Help

I have an HP 8250i burner that has been acting odd for a while now. It was causing my PC to crash now and then, and got to a point where the BIOS would only recognize it anout half the time.

I was thinking the firmware may be scrambled. I tried the 9300 upgrade I’ve seen described on some of the boards. But when I try that it says it can’t do it becasue of a header being 30 bytes.

I can’t seem to find a firmware file for the 8250i.

Any ideas on how I might re-flash this thing? Or has it become a door stop?

Thanks in advance.


It’s a door stop.

I had an HP 7550i 2x2x24. They were made by JVC & Sony.
Mine was a Sony ( I took it apart to verify). I’d read that I could flash it with Sony firmware to get it to 4x4x24, but I didn’t want to risk it. Now I’m glad I didn’t.