Hp 8250 to 9300 Fix



I just posted the article Hp 8250 to 9300 Fix.

Alberto used our newssubmit to tell us that he succeeded in burning at 8x with a HP 8250 burner.

Read here how he did it:

I’ve seen alot of people that had alot of problems when they’ve…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1425-Hp-8250-to-9300-Fix.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1425-Hp-8250-to-9300-Fix.html)

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How about changing a crx140 (8x) to the CRX160 (10x)???


i have exactly the same prob of not burning more than 4x without media error but i wonder if CRX160 (10x)will work… anyone succeed ?


would this make my Hp 9100 able to burn 700 Meg cds… I need some hack that would do it.


i just tried to flash update.bin with D140E10N, but it says that it doesn’t find sony CRX140… what is the EXACT procedure Alberto did ?? tnx


The Firmware is “fixed”, whatever this means, but not the D140E10N.EXE program. And it’s the program, that should be fixed/cracked, cause it first checks if you have a crx140, before you can flash…and this check should be removed…


my writer was a hp8250i, in windows it came up as hp8200a and the model number was like yours c4495…i must have been lucky as i didnt have any trouble but its strange how our model numbers are the same.


Hmm, seems the link to the new firmware is the original firmware…I compared both files, there the same…so the question is…where to get the modified?


Alberto is it possible to that with a HP9210i?? thnx in advance…


Hello people, it’s me again Alberto. I’ve posted the above message yesterday. Sorry it was incomplete. Please use the following documentation : D140E10N Update.bin /AT|/98 [/P|/1|/2] [/M|/S] [Option] /AT : PC/AT compatible /98 : PC-98xx /P,/1 : Primary /2 : 2ndary /M : Master /S : Slave /C : Write sequence change The 4 possible combinations are : 1st IDE Master : d140e10n Update.bin /AT /1 /M 1st IDE Slave : d140e10n Update.bin /AT /1 /S 2nd IDE Master : d140e10n Update.bin /AT /2 /M 2nd IDE Slave : d140e10n Update.bin /AT /2 /S I’ve had to use the following command : D140E10N Update.bin /AT /1 /S You must use this patch in PLAIN DOS so run without windows. Don’t load your Cdrom Driver in your Config.sys and don’t forget to remove the CD from your Cdrom Drive. It will flash and then you must reboot your computer. It works on my computer. Please let me know if it works on your HP drive. Thanx, Alberto


My drive’s label says 4x4x24x, made in Malaysia in March 2000 and #C4464B on it. I’m also sure that it has a 2 mb buffer and is based on the Sony CRX120E. The only place where #C4494B is written is on the box in which I got the drive. Please help me decide whether I should go ahead and flash this drive. Thanks Also does this mean that all Sony CRX120s can be upgraded to 8x write?


YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA erm… anyway… that worked great :4 i now got a Sony CD-RW CRX140E :stuck_out_tongue: You rocks Alberto !! Just one thing… how have you found out that upgrading with that firmware would work ??


:c :c :c both nero & clonecd failed writing at 8x saying “impossible to effectuate endtrack function” :frowning: i’m now obligated to use simulation for saving me from coasters :wink: as i write, i’m simulating at 6x and if that works, i’ll burn at 6x i’ll make some more reports later…


I tried burning my HP 8200 cdwriter. After I flash the bios, the cd writer lost power. Now there is no power to it at all, doesn’t work now. No power lite at all


I’ve upgraded my CRX140E to a HP 9300 and that also works great. Check cdrinfo.com for more burner oc’ing :slight_smile:


make sure before you try this that windows recognizes your cd writer as a hp 8200a,if you see anything else you could be in for trouble.


I have a crx140 ( sony). Where can i get the update file to put my recorder in a crx160?? Thanks


I have a HP8250i and the model number written on the drive is C64463-69001/ C64463-60001. It is made in hungary and the firmware in windows and in other program shows 1.04. Which drive it can be?? As all the post regarding 8250i is either 64464A(Philips) or 64464B(Sony).


I did the same with my 8250 that Alberto did… First to 9300 and then to 140. Works great with 8X. Than you Alberto!


HP 9300 to 9500 !!!ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/information_storage/software/ Here are the firmwares!! but i don’t know what is the correct for 9500 so please let us know 9500 owners thanks :slight_smile: