HP 8220e Firmware

I have a HP 8220e external drive that I took apart and am using it as an internal drive. I was wondering if this drive is equivalant to any of HP’s internal drives, and if so, what model number? Nero CD Speed says it’s a “HP CD-Writer+ 8290” but I don’t think HP made an 8290. It also says the firmware version is 1.3C.

Also, would it be possible to overclock this drive at all? Only being able to burn at 4x4x24 really gets on my nerves.

I’ve been looking at this page:


and it looks like my burner might be comparable to the HP 8250. The C4464b model with the ID String “HP CD-Writer+ 8290”. All the button/light/dial locations are identical.

And at cdrinfo.com (here) they have done it with a couple 8250 models, but not this exact one. Would it be safe to try one of those methods? I would have tried it already, but I don’t know how to backup my original firmware in case I screw up. Does anyone know how to do that?

Don’t tell me I’ve stumped the all mighty CD Freaks. You guys know all there is to know about this stuff. One of you has to be able to help me out.

If I remember, right, the trick is the reported read speed of the drive (I know Easy CD Creator will query the drive and display this, I’ve never tried with anything else). If it reports a max read speed of 24x, it’s a Philips and not upgradeable. If it reports max read speed 32x, it’s a Sony and can be upgraded to 9100 series or even 9300 (8x or 10x write).