HP 8100i Hacked Firmware

I just posted the article HP 8100i Hacked Firmware.

Submitted by: Netardo
Source: http://www.tweakmax.com/html/hp8100i/hp8100i-1.cfm

Some of you might already have heard about this, because it is old news. But TweakMax now also have a FAQ about…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/777-HP-8100i-Hacked-Firmware.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/777-HP-8100i-Hacked-Firmware.html)

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HP Users are going to be happy seeing this firmware :slight_smile:

they already where happy when this was posted here on cdfreaks about half a year ago like me lol

I did 79:35 with mine, and that’s the most I’ve tried. It was an audio CD. I just used CDRWin to make an image and then burned it. Worked fine.

Now if only I could get my old HP 7200i to do this as well I’d be much happier - anyone got any ideas tabout anything similar???

My hp 9300i has no problem so far burning 80 mins CDs or anything like that. it does everything for me so far

There is a firmware for the 7200 that works with 80 minutes CDRs. It’s meant for the Philips 3610, but works for HP 7100/7200 too.
Get it at http://www.svein.com/hp/22602.exe

Aktiv8, the firmware I mentioned was meant for the Traxdata 2260+, but works on both Philips 3610 and HP 7100/7200 which are all the same thing actually.

you ‘think’, well try and see when your copy program gives an error for coming at the end

anyway if you have an 8100 and ‘patched’ it you can do 80 without probs I did 79;59 max too lazy to make a file of 80 precise

The 9100i has no probs doing 80 minutes… Also supported by CloneCD, so a very good drive with a very good price.

Ive no problems with burn 80 minutes cdrs my recorder is the mitsumi cr4804te!! i can also burn 99 minutes cdr`s!!
for questions mail me!

Cheers for the info - will try it today

OK, call me thick but there are 3 firmwares in the program - i’ve upgraded to 3.09 but unsure if I can now do the 80min recording or overburning… Any ideas guys

Hey Activ8,

Why not give it a try, worst
that can happen is that you create a coaster, but that is not that big of a problem is it ?


Tha Sentinel


Why is it that my posting is
created at september 4 and that Absolute Zer0’s post on september 21. That is not possible now is it ?


Tha Sentinel

I use to have a hp 8100. But after a year and two months it went dead. I burned about 100 cd’s with it. lots of bad cd’s. Now i have a philips and it works just fine. Does anyone has an idea why my Hp stopt working.

This Firmware hack is very good. it works perfectly and your writer keeps the same name this is a very good hack thanks who ever find it out now i can sit down and burn some hitexplosions

The 7200 firmware was fine - I was just beeing thick at the time lol

Anyway, Soundvision in answer to your post CD writers tend to only have a certain life span - theres no telling how long! Although I expect it to last for more than 100 CDs - probably it was just a bad drive… especially since you talk about lots of bad CDs

Can the 9100i burn 80mins or does it also have this limitation? And if it does is there a fix for it?

Let me clarify…I know it can burn 80 min cdrs but I don’t think it can do the full 80 mins. I think it gets up to 78:30. If anyone know how to remove that limitation please post