HP-8100, Upgrading Firmware to Sony's Firmware



hmm.. The HP-8100 is made by Sony, Right ?
but it doesn't support 80min Cd's and Overburning because of HP's Crappy Firmware. Does anybody know what is the real name of this machine ? (sony's given name).. and does anybody know where to get the sony's firmware for this, which would upgrade this crappy machine to support 80min cd's and overburning... ? after that upgrade this burner would be considered as a real burner so please help me if you can ...


The HP8100 is the same as the Sony CRX100E, I believe. I’m not sure where to get the firmware, though.


The firmware for the SONY is te same as the HP8100i…

HP has a cantract with sony for this…

Me advice, buy a new writer… and sell this one…


Well isn’t there any unofficial firmware for this writer to get it work with 80min cd’s and overburning i have heard that to hp 7200 there is a unofficial so is there one for mine 8100 too ?? (this is so new writer that i might not like to sell it yet, i don’t think i would get too much money from this…)