HP 8100+ patch

Hey guys

I’ve been away from CDfreaks for about a year (formerly known as VeeJay)

I’ve got a question, some time ago there was a hacked firmware for a sony CD-recorder. It enabled some types of the HP series to overburn cdrs …

is it still available ?? where ??


Ask Da_Taxman

There was a “hacked” sony crx 100e firmware which
made a hp7570i to a 8100i and could also be used to fix the problem 8100i had with 80 mins. In addition to this there was a registry patch which were supposed to made the 8100i capable of overburning…as far as I experienced it only made Nero say it was supported, but refused to actually do it.


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Ask Da_Taxman

You rang m’lady?

Cyrax, the pathc should be in your mailbox now…

Thanks Taxman

Got it, installed it, Have yet to test it …

thx To Y’all

i’m just now finding out that such a firmware fix exists… only the page on tweakmax isn’t working for me… anybody (taxman?) want to hook me up as well?


ps: this is my first post on these boards…

grendel, check your mail

It doesn’t allow overburn, but you do get 80 min cd support

I also used to to upgrade my 7570 to 8100
which also gave me 4x burning over 2x

thanks so much, taxman! not looking to overburn so much as to just be able to burn a few things that i have that clock in at 79+ minutes.


Hi people, I have two old cd-writers ( 7200 and 8100) the 7200 woks perfect, the 8100 have troubles with CD-RW. I would like to know if you can tell me :

First :
Can i overclock any of them?

Anybody knows the problem of 8100 with CD-RW?

Thanks and sorry for my english

can i get a link or get hooked up please?


Yes, posting it publicly would help Taxman. Unless it is just a file that you are sending…

Many HP firmwares here: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/information_storage/software/

yah, but is it the same as the ‘hack’ that allows 80 min burns? mine currently burns it ok most’ve the time in sim mode, but doesn’t finish the leadout or something, sometimes just keeps blinking for infinity till it spits out the cd

Da_Taxman please send this too me my email address is rwomack897@yahoo.com

I am having so much trouble burning 78+ minute plus CDs with my HP 8100… please send it


i get this error:
ERROR: Could not find an HP SureStore CD-Writer Plus drive.

whats that mean?

eh, i thought i seen that on the site already. well i found the link for the cdr dll file… but i’m not sure where to put it. i put it in the windows folder and the disk and now its saying “ERROR: The data file can not be opened”,


sorry to drag up a older topic but i cant get this to work.
I tried the hp flash tool and i get the same errors as others have said with the cdr4dll.dll, i d/l that file but dunno were to place it.
Also i have tried the sony dos tool and it seems to just freeze when i type the command (left it hanging for 2 hours). I even tried putting the drive in a older machine with 98 and get the same results :confused:

Any help would be greatly appriciated :bigsmile:



I have the same problem with Windows XP, i can’t update my drive because update.exe files says me : “Could Not fin an HP surestore-CD-RW drive”

What’s the problem ? I must have a dll ?

Help !