HP 8100 and the best software



What is the best CD writing software for the HP 8100 series burner?

What is the best way to copy psx game cds?


Nero and CDRWIN…

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If you want to use it for copying non protected CD ROMs Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4.0 for copying protected CD ROMs its better to use NERO. Remember you cant overburn with the HP 8100.

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with nero you can overburn till 78 min and 30 sec.


The HP8100 CANNOT overburn (unless you want 2 fuck up your tray, but that’s a whole different story)…

It can burn up to 780 (+/-) if you use 80min CDs, if you exceed this limit, the drive won’t be able to close the disc…

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Use Nero with your HP8100i.
I only use it.

p.s. did hear from a HP member that you can overburn with cdrwin but it’s no good for the burner!


not sure, but when you would try to overburn and it would work, make sure you won’t go to far, or it’s finito with your writer, the nice warm laser cuts it way through your nice expensive legal(?) bought writer.

So, be carefull with it, and as far as I now the 8100 can’t overburn. only go to 78 30 on a 80 min disk, no more, or you’ll get an eroor with NERO saying can’t preform CloseDisk or something like that.

NERO roxx forever !!!


OveBurn into a HP 8100 CDRW (and possibly other CDR also ?)

Caution…this might damage your CDRW…

"…This trick might work on other CDR/W also…I placed 80minutes CD closed tray. After detecting CD size, i opened manually tray without button and replaced with 74 minutes CD and closed manually (with some strength) and started writing. HP8100 overburned CD up to 78.xxminutes. ( Hp8100 seems to not write more than 78.xx on any CD). CD has been created ok ! and without warning !

I used Easy CD Creator to do this, DAO mode. Also tray must be closed fast or cd will be not snipped. I also written twice on cd using this trick on CD-R, but cd is unreadable.

HP8100i & Sony CRX-100 CD-Writers will only write a 80 minutes CD-R up to 78 : 16 minutes. So I know now why not writing more on 74min…"

[Source: CDR-Info Page…]

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HP8100 = sony crx-100
HP uses the sony technology like it has done for the 7xxx with the philips technology

my advice for an 8100 is to sell it and buy an 8200 if you want to stay with HP
(sony crx-120 technology… it can burn the full 80 minutes)


But who wants to buy a 8100i if the price is allready low for a 8200.