Hp 7955,add another pc for memory



I have a hp 7955 pc for 6 years,seems a little slow working with picture editing.Has 256 ram 40 gb.Was considering adding more memory,found a used hp 7955, erased 20 gb 512 ram computer for 80 dollars.Would I be able to add this pc to my existing system?I’m new to pc works looking for advice,do not have deep pockets or would buy a new pc.


I wouldn’t spend the $80 on a used pc, you really won’t be gaining much. Better to spend it on more ram. I see your system uses sdram and can have a maximum of 1Gb. I don’t know what the prices are right now of sdram, but you can check at newegg.com or go to crucial.com, enter your pc model and see what they have for it.


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unless you want a whole computer as “spare part”, I’d also prefer just to buy the RAM modules you need, and not an entire computer.



okay,thank you all for sound reasoning,now the question is would I notice an improvement from 256mb if I added another 256mb of ram?I don’t want to stress my 6 year old mother board with added amperage,or I assume there would be more heat when system is added to.I just scan old photographs edit,stretch,resize,make up a quantity to send to Snapfish for access by family and friends and sometimes I get a message"not enough memory" or windows is overwriting previous files to gain more space ,something to that effect and my wife uses pc for school work.Its a 40 gb capacity,51% free space and I understand my restore percentage is at 2%


Ram is quite different from the hard drive space you are talking about. Adding ram should not stress the system at all, but it won’t increase storage space either. It helps with moving information from the drives to the main processor, and more memory will speed up this process.

Make certain you get the correct ram for this system. I suggest going to crucial.com and entering the model HP you have into their memory guide. This is what I found using the model you gave us in your first post: http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=Pavilion%207955

This is the page to start the search for their memory: http://www.crucial.com/

By the way, this tells you the appropriate type of memory. You don’t have to buy this exact chip from Crucial. Once you know the type, you can shop anywhere on line to find a good price. Newegg.com and zipzoomfly.com are popular spots for computer components.


I would say adding RAM goes along way to improve computer and productivity usage. HDD is another story. But if you can add the RAM you will notice improvements from 256 to 1G. I say if you can go 1G the max your motherboard takes. Take a look at Newegg and check with their RAM configuration to see what your computer can take. I used to use 512K on my XP SP3 til I went to 2.5G and notice it allows you to run more programs without locking on you or freezing cause you used up to much RAM to run programs.


does it matter which memory is used with my hp7955,I see so many differnt manufacturers and even used ram on ebay-I need some help please.


According to Crucial your computer uses PC133 ram and the maximum amount you can have is 1gb. There are three slots on the motherboard for ram, so you cannot put in three 512mb chips. The most you could have would have to add up to 1gb, so two 512’s or one 512 and two 256 chips.

If you want to continue to use the current 256mb chip, you could add one or two more 256mb chips to it, or one 512mb chip. Hope that makes sense. In any case the combination you choose would have to be at the 1gb level at most. (1gb in this case is 1024mb).

Here are a couple of 256mb chips:


Here are a couple of 512mb chips that would work:


Hope you are in the US.


[quote=Kerry56;2166959]According to Crucial your computer uses PC133 ram and the maximum amount you can have is 1gb. There are three slots on the motherboard for ram, so you cannot put in three 512mb chips. [/quote]HP thinks different:

"Maximum 1.5 GB (3x512 MB) "

UK version is totally different btw:


Good catch on the differences mciahel. Crucial specifically warns not to put in three 512mb chips…so I’m not sure who to trust on this one.

Very nasty of HP to use such a different motherboard on the UK edition, and still use the same model number.

Just have to wait and see where boblohse is located and have him count the number of memory slots, since the UK edition only has two according to HP.


I added one 512mb of ram,computer boots quicker,and is generally more efficient.Still have a slot left.Thanks for every input,bob