HP 7570i and safedisc protected games



I have HP 7570i and i’d like to copy safedisc protected game, is it possible and which software?


You can go to www.gamecopyworld.com

There you can find all the replacement files you need to copy a disc with a protection. Just copy the full contents of your original disc to the harddisk and then copy the mod. exe from gamecopyworld into the same dir.
Burn the whole dir to a cd, and klaar ik kees.


ehhm sure it is possible.
Check if clonecd support your burner.
I wouldn’t use crackz if I were u because when u update from the internet u have to update the crack too.
I use duplicator and I do not need crackz. Not sure if your burner’s supported though…

Ehhm kriPO… last few sentences weren’t in English. (And it’s “klaar iS Kees” in Dutch)


Thanx Meurz and kriPO. Duplicator supports HP 7570i but not subchannel features.