HP 7500 series: who really makes em?

HP 7500 series: who really makes em?
And where can I find the ewest firmware?


  • usul

The HP 7500 series is made by Sony. The model is SONY CRX120 2X. You can get the latest Firmware by following this link:


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hmm… as far as i know is the Sony CRX120E rated as a 4x 4x 24x burner…

but it´s maybe a Philips CCD3610?

This was actually a 2x burner. There were people who did OC the drive to a 4x burner but I believe that there were alot of problems.


I had an HP 7570I and actually took it apart about a year ago. It is a SONY. The board inside the case was stamped SONY all over it.

I sold it and bought a 16x10x40 LG, which I just sold…

But the big question is: if you flash it with Sony firmware and it works, will the drive write past 78 minutes? Mine stopped at just over 78 minutes with the original HP firmware.

A 75xx flased with the 8100 firmware update will do 79 mins and change