Hp 7500 and ghost



I have an external HP7500 cd writer connected to my parallel port. I created an image of my harddisk with Ghost and want to restore it from Dos. How can I see my cd writer in Dos ?

If I use HP disaster recovery, I can restore it using a special bootdisk but it does not show my cd writer as a D or E drive. This program takes about an hour to restore 200 MB. There has to be a better and faster way than this.

please help


This is how I did it: First making the image of HD, then I just burned the image, called windows.gho (I named it that way!), to a cdr! (I used a cdrw but that doesn’t matter!) I’ve used Nero to burn the image!
And then one day, I just formatted C:\ and then I used Norton Ghost, on a 1.44" disk, to get the data, windows.gho, back to C:\ !
Sounds very easy to me!
Good luck with it!
ps. if you want the Ghost I’ve used for the job, then mail me so I can send it to you!


Obviously you need the dos drivers for your parallel port burner.
If they don’t exist you’l never do it.


Thanks for the replies. As I don’t have the dos drivers for my burner, I will burn an image to a CDR, boot from a diskette, run ghost and get the image from my internal cd rom drive. I hope it works.

I only have a 1 GB hard disk so I don’t know whether I should partition it.