Hp 740n thinks i have no drivers

sorry dint really know what to say in that… well ok heres the deal… i searched my pc up and down after almost losing it to a virus

and well i got everything back other than…

you guessed it my 3 disk drives…

one i just took off cuz well i dont watch blurays on here any more

master…nec nd-1100a

slave… mits7umi fx48a1w

i have hooked up other drivers to my pc and they dont read eather im down to 3 options…

eather drop another 100 bucks in and buy an external drive

go buy a new pc and put it in my case ( bascicly use just the mother bord and drives and monitor)

or fix it

will ima mizer… do i dont wanna do the first to unless i haveto

so can anyone help?

Hi and Welcome!

please try this at first: