HP 740 dvd burner goes in trash soon

I don’t know if this drive is “lite-on” or “LG” or what so the mod’s can move this to the correct forum (just pm and tell you because otherwise I’ll never find it)

Anyway I have an HP 740 DVD burner (external). While it makes a nice DVD rom it does little else. I can sometimes get it to burn disk but its an extreme battle (12 hours… 2 weeks… it keeps getting longer). And I can find no reason for why it decides to work sometimes. The problem seems to be that the drive freezes during the burning process somewhere between 1-3% and before it’s actually burned anything to any disks. I’ve tried a number of different burning programs and the problem seems to be the same. Alcohol at least gave me the courtesy of an error message, vague as it was (non specified error, program will shut down). Nero just freezes and crashes the computer until I yank the burner’s USB cord out of the computer then everything seems to be okay. (can’t do a safety remove, it disables that in it’s freezing process)

So the problem seems to be in transmitting the data to the burner to burn or maybe a firmware problem.

The things I have tried to do to remedy the problem is to try every burning software under the sun and also to uninstall the drive and reinstall it a bunch of times in case it was a driver problem.

Here is the NERO program InfoTool about my drive -> infotool

Here is what I could find on the HP homepage for firmware . It is however for 740i (the internal). Mine says 740-X01 on it.

The absolute other only thing I can possibly think of is that maybe the USB cord is bad. …Its a long shot but um I’m totally out of ideas. Like I said Im just going to pitch the stupid thing and look for a new one in Akihabara or something this weekend if nobody knows what the problem is.

okay alcohol 120 says that my burner is actually 740e. So I downloaded the firmware for that that is on the HP page and installed it. It didn’t seem to affect the burner one way or the other. The burning status still the same. “used read buffer” is forever stuck at 100% while the burn buffer is 0%. Really probably it’s just… broken? and there is no fix for it. maybe the laser is broken? but it works sometimes and it can read disks. I don’t understand >_<;

I was having a very similar problem, but I was using the Sony DVDirect VRDVC20.

I finally gave up and returned the thing and bought a new and different piece of junk - an HP 740e. Seems this one is another winner. It burns DVDs but puts wierd glitches in the movies when its burnt (has happened on 6 different movies - 1 second freezes in the videos).

I was curious to know if you’re using Ritek GO5 DVD-Rs? Is that possibly the problem?

If I use other burners (like the NEC built-in on my laptop), the DVDs are fine.

I’m using the latest version of Nero and can’t seem to figure out any other problems other than its the hardware (I went through 3 Sonys and 2 HPs with the same exact problems for each model)


It is cheaper to delete the files directly :bigsmile: Ritek G05 is crap. Get quality media instead.


I have an HP DVD 740-X01. I installed it and used it a couple of times with erratic results burning a DVD. Now my system does not even see the DVD (drive F:) and explorer shows my CD drive E: and Lacie drive G: but drive F: is gone and I cannot use my DVD.

I am going to have the cable checked but after reading the posts on this thread I have a bad feeling. Looks like I’m back to square 1. Probably will get a new one if I can find out what works and what doesn’t. :frowning: