HP 7200i problems

I own a HP 7200i Cd-Writer and i’m having problems with it. I’ve used four different programs to burn, making audio and data. All times I have the same problems. It fails, but the strange part is that the test burns succeed. Once it messes up, it wont even let me open the drive untill I restart the computer. I dont know what the problem. Thanks for any help

I own a HP 7200i Cd-Writer firmware 3.01

voor audio i jus cdrwin 3.7
al burns succeed

voor audio i jus this cd-r brand
Fuji 650,700 end Philips 650

I also use a HP7200i and it never fails, no matter what CDs I try to burn. I usually use TDK, because they are reliable, but it also works with no-brand discs and 80-minutes discs. I like it because it is compatible with Duplicator, so that I can make perfect copies of (some) SafeDisc protected games (Tiberian Sun, TA Kingdoms, Worms Armageddon).
I also have the firmware 3.01 version installed. If you don’t, maybe that’s the problem, or it could just be a problem caused by dust.
If everything fails, buy a Plector instead

I encountered the same problem as yours when I use BASF cdr for continueing multisessions, the yellow light flashing a few times then the green light keep on flashing then I have to reboot the machine to be able to open the drive. you may try different brands cdr’s .

I have a problem with my CD-Writer … HP 7200i
I’ve installed this device in Windows XP, but it behaves like a CD-Rom …!!!
How can I get rid of this problem … ? NEED HELP