HP 7200 R/W help with software

Ok , I need some help please! I figure this question must have been asked before but I’m a new subscriber and could use your help.
First my system info: Emachine with Celeron processor 63MRam running Windows ME (Its OEM). I’m using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.02d and Direct CD 3.03b on a HP7200i RW drive.
I have no problems with using Easy CD however ther are many problems when trying to use Direct CD. I have seen that it may not be compatable with ME. Ok no problem. I want to be able to do the Drag and Drop thing from Explorer. Is there any program out there that will allow this besides Direct CD?
Thanks for you help.

One thing you can do is goto the Easy CD Creator website and download the latest version on Direct CD. What I had to do was download the newest install package and also download the upgrade package. Install from the first file downloaded, then don’t reboot but install the upgrade then reboot. I have it running on a dual boot system running winME and win2K, both systems work fine with it.