HP-640i Playing cd+g

Hey everyone;

I am wondering if this drive is able to read CD+G discs as well as Burn them? I’ve read many “CD+G Compatible Drives” list and haven’t found anything recent. If anyone has this drive and can run “Nero InfoTool” to see if it is compatable that would be great. Also if it is compatible if you could post our Firmware version that would also be great.

Thanks in advance everyone.


I have the hp640c flashed to the dw1625 and under neroinfotool it says it does cd+G. I have never tried it though. I am using the latest BenQ firmware.

here is an infotool screencap of my hp6401 flashed to a BenQ dw1625.

I can confirm that the Benq DW1620 can at least burn CD+G. Done more than often :slight_smile: