HP 640i and KProbe

Will the KProbe work with HP 640i drive?
As we all know it’s LiteOn OEM drive.
Asking because can’t choose between 1673 and 640I. Witch one to take.
The price is on LiteOn’s side, but in a moment the price is not important :wink:

PS! LightScribe is also not important…

My 640i is a Benq drive…

Here are they LiteOn’s. The beezel is LiteOn’s as you see at picture.
But there is still possibility that they might be BENQ’s because this one taken 6 days ago from the distributor’s website, and they were sold out couple of days… Now they got new drives friday. I’ll go and see what they exactly are monday morning.

Here is a pic of mine,

The label on Package says 640i, but the label on top of the drive says BenQ. It is recognized as 640c and looks exactly like the picture jake8131 shows. Note there is also no “i” on the front breezle, it only says HP dvd640.
I think the LiteOn’s are kinda rare.

In an article in a magazine in the Netherlands was written that the first production runs were manufactured by Benq and that HP made an agreement with LiteOn for producing the following series. In another article I once read that the (oem)models for computer production were made by Benq and the retail version by LiteOn. If these stories are true I don’t know but I think it is very strange marketing by HP.

:confused: Leo