HP 640c (BenQ 1625) media compatibility



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Hey, this is my first post here. Looks like a great forum!

I have an HP 640c (BenQ 1625). When I place a DVD-R in that drive, it is not recognized in the system at all. Nero says no media present, it appears in XP as nothing in the drive. DirectCD: “media not ready”.

Despite my newbie status in the world in DVD burning, I am no computer neophyte. But I must tell you, I have not been able to figure this one out. I have a Plextor CD burner in the box as well, and I already tried making it the slave to the HP 640 (both secondary).

Should that drive not be compatible with DVD-R media?? It says it should! Now granted, I have only tried one brand: Memorex. I find it hard to believe that this could be media specific though.

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Mine is doing the same except for the fact that in XP it shows the blank media as being there , just doesnt show it as there when i try and burn using DVDshrink/Nero. Not sure if maybe i should try and different burning program? actually quite lost really :confused:


jniemeyer try another brand of media like Verbatim or other type of discs e.g DVD+R or DVD-RW etc and see what happens.


Yeah, I will try another brand today. As I mentioned in my first post, DVD+R works fine.



well I am having the same problem with HP Branded CD-R 52x lightscribe disc. Swap out the drive for an identical drive with the same results. when installed, software downloaded update firmware automatically but that has not improved anything what-so-ever. Drive will copy data & music but will not create label. I even purchased the full surething label package without success creating a label on disc. Another interesting item is that the disc furnished by HP worked. Created a backup copy of the HP supplied software, created label using the supplied surething program, and all went well. It was only after purchasing the HP disc that labels cannot be created.

Any help would be appreciated. Email HP tech regarding this but have not heard anything back as yet.


This sounds like a pretty strange problem…I bought a HP 640c but flashed to a benq 1625 since…I use memorex 8x dvd-r discs (ritekg05) with no problems…maybe try flashing your drive and see what happens…


Tascosa your problem is different…there is special lightscribe drivers that have to be installed on top of the drive itself…you can find the newest version of those here:

Install those, reboot, then try printing a label…


Hi there,

I’ve got exactly the same problem !

I have the HP 640i (640c, flashed with ES04 firmware), AMD Win2k box. I’ve tried TDK and Shintaro DVD-R’s, both time my PC thinks there’s no disc present.

To confuse matters, I bought a TDK DVD-RW and it worked TWICE. After that, it complains that the media is corrupt and cannot be erased/formatted !!!

DVD+R, and DVD+RW (TDK) work no worries.

I can’t believe this, I specifically brought it for DVD-R’s and lightscribe but for now will stick with +R and hopefully wait for the next firmware?



as Sarcoptic said, flash it to the Benq firmware BBGA. I have absolutly no problems and I love this drive. I didn’t try to burn any discs with the HP firmware. Popped it in and flashed first thing and haven’t looked back.


Ciao,I have a hp 640 flashed with firm. ES04(dvd640c_es04.exe),now I put this new firmware Benq (BBHA)on my HP 640C…


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Thanks Sarcoptic & Kwkard, but no luck :frowning:

I tried using the BenQ Firmware, no good - Results for different versions were all the same :

HP DVD Writer 640c Current firmware : ES04
==> New firmware Version : BBHA

Invalid Firmware version. You cannot upgrade this drive.

HP DVD Writer 640c Current firmware : ES04
==> New firmware Version : BBGA

Invalid Firmware version. You cannot upgrade this drive.

HP DVD Writer 640c Current firmware : ES04
==> New firmware Version : GBGA

Invalid Firmware version. You cannot upgrade this drive.

I guess if I had flashed to BenQ out of the box it may have worked, but it doesn’t seem to let me flash from ES04 firmware.

Thanks anyway ! If anyone has any solutions to get my 640c to be ‘more compatible’ or use the BenQ firmware I’d be grateful !




You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you :slight_smile: You can’t use the official Benq flashers to upgrade an HP drive…here is what you need:
The flasher: http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BenQ/WinDWFlash.rar
BBHA CVT File: http://tdb.rpc1.org/original/1625BBHA.ZIP

Extract the contents of these 2 folders and put them together in one folder…run windwflash.exe, make sure your HP drive is selected…now hit select flash image and point to the BBHA.CVT file…now hit flash the drive!..your drive will now become a Benq 1625, make sure and reboot after you flashed the drive…hopefully this helps!


Hi Sarcoptic,

heheh, yeah nothings easy with my pc :bigsmile:

I upgraded to BenQ as you described, I now own a ‘BenQ DVD DD DW1625’ my Control Panel tells me, but still exactly same problem , ie. TDK & Shintaro DVD-R’s not detected in the drive (after cold reboot). Oh well, I’ll prob. just use +R’s (or try some other brand DVD-R’s) but thanks anyway for your help!

Incidentally, there’s a JS04 HP firmware update on their site now at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?dlc=en&lc=en&os=61&product=455746&cc=us&softwareitem=dv-31700-1

  • not that it helped me :smiley:

Off to sleep (Gold Coast, Australia)


Ciao…I do not want to say a heresy but the firmware Hp are better than the Benq… :iagree:

bye herny :eek:


Most people on this board all say the Benq firmware is better…


…ok for firm. Benq on my HP640c…now I read Benq DVD DD DW1625…thanks all… :wink:

bye herny


Well I took the plunge and updated my recently purchased HP 640i (BenQ) to BenQ firmware as others had done. Firmware update went very well. No problems what so ever except it did not fix the problem of printing labels on the pack of HP CD’s that I purchased. Emailing HP tech support was a joke as they never could understand that I have a SATA HD and was running their DVD 640i as a Master on the primary IDE channel. They kept telling me to put the drive on the secondary channel as a slave. Then tried to call HP tech support – forget it – got someone I could hardly understand and he gave me another number to call. Called that number and got recorded message saying “All the Circuits are Busy at this time, call back later”. I tried three times with the same results. Have given up on HP and this drive. Will attempt to return to place of purchase and get another brand of lightscribe drive. Is their anyway to replace the BenQ firmware in this HP 640i? Would appreciate any info in this regard.

:a :confused:


Hi Tascosa,

this thread : http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=133521
has a link in it for the HP ES04 firmware cvt
file. (Search for 640CES04.ZIP)



Thanks for the info! Might try once more to see if I can get the HP640i to label a CD-R disc. If not, it goes back to supplier!

Thanks again


No worries, Tascosa.

Just curious, what about the blank lighscribe cd-r that came with the HP? Were you able to label that one?