HP 640c --> BenQ 1625 crossflash

i read on here that my HP640C is a benQ1625 under the hood… anyway i have some questions about it:

  1. How do i know for sure that this is a benQ?

  2. Can i flash benQ (or other) firmware on it?

  3. As a benQ, what is the best drive i can crossflash it into?

  4. It’s a lightscribe drive, but can i flash it into something that supports disct@2 as well?

i also need this drive to have scanning capability, but the hp firmware does not allow it… i receive the ‘no additional sense information’ error on EVERY disc i run through cd-dvd speed; hp firmware updates did not help.

it is an OEM drive, currently running QS12 FW.

Real BenQ drives have the emergency eject hole in the centre and the LED on the RHS near the power button. Like this.

Liteon drives have the emergency eject hole and LED to the left. Like this:

Proceed with caution. You need to be absolutely sure which model you have before you attempt to cross-flash it. Using the wrong firmware could turn it into a brick.

the hole is in the center with the RHS LED, so im safe flashing it with benQ1625 firmware?

now what is the best model to crossflash it to, and does the bootcode need to be changed also?

You can only flash it to a 1620 or 1625, only difference is the Lightscribe capability/hardware. Anything else and you’ll have a paperweight.

I think most people use the most recent firmware with this drive, I can’t remember which exactly since it’s been awhile since I’ve had one.

Bootcode does not need changed, it will be recognized as a Benq 1620/1625 after crossflashing and a reboot. Make sure to use BQFlasher, it does a great job. Plus it’s foolproof, it will only allow you to flash a Benq drive and their rebadges with Benq firmware.

[I]lex71x,[/I] now that you’r sure your drive is a rebadged DW1625 and you are ready to crossflash keep in mind your warranty will be voided and HP burning progs (if any) wont work anymore.

[I]jhtalisman,[/I] there isn’t any “foolproof” flasher to date.
BQFlash is a great utility, but now that we have BBHA cvt firmware available (thanks to The Dangerous Brothers) and Philips/BenQ own flashtool; WinDWFlash, this routine is even better (note, I’m not saying safer, because any kind of flashing involves some risk). :wink:

[I]Off topic[/I]

Care to explain how you’ll be able to this on Nexperia chip equiped drives jhtalisman?

so the best i can do with this drive is flash it with the latest 1625 firmware using BQflasher, or is there an advantage to using those other flashers?

i take it theres no way to add any new features to it by flashing?

anyway i use nero 7, i have no use for HP burning programs… i dont even know if i own any.

Yes, go ahead with 1625/BBIA, I did it with mine a couple years ago (used WinDWFlash with .cvt as it was the first I came across, BQFlasher with .exe will work as well). You’ll get CD/DVD Disc Quality scanning in Nero CDSpeed, plus the use of BenQ’s QSuite.

according to benQ the BBIA firmware came out 8/31/05… isnt there anything more recent/doesnt anyone make modified firmware for these drives, even rpc1?

and how is Qscan compared to CDspeed?

BBIA seems to be the very latest version. For RPC1, check tdb.rpc1.org :slight_smile:


You’re talking about an old drive, [B]lex71x[/B], can’t expect it to do all the latest things. :slight_smile:

QSuite is nothing like CDSpeed, it just lets you control some BenQ specific features and make an FE/TE (Focus Error/Tracking Error) test with a blank disc.

DW162* drives can do anything that DW164*/165* drives can (including 1ECC scanning) except for overburning.

[I]Off topic.[/I] Just a note, DW120/1625 doesn’t support SoliBurn function, although there have been some indication of “learning” also on these drive models. (At least B7L9 firmware cleans out some kind of “learning/tracking” data in eeprom.) [I]/off topic[/I]

With MCSE it’s also easy to import new media code into firmware making it compatible with all existing discs.

Don’t know about LightScribe compatibility simply because I don’t have this function on my DW1620. :wink:

flashed my drive, works great. i didnt even know it had a red LED as well, i guess the firmware activated it or something… does BBIA have decent mediacodes for good burning with TYG02?

pinto2, is SolidBurn firmware dependent, or is it a built in hardware feature?

Unfortunatelly firmware and software (QSuite) is not designed for DW1620/1625 drives. Note also, DW162* drives eeprom differs compared to that in DW164*/165* series drives.

Keep in mind it’s more then 2½ years since BenQ released DW1620… :wink:

Interested can read a comparision; SolidBurn <-> WOPC and how SolidBurn acts here.