HP 640b & EMC-8 Dual Layer Problems


I’m a Newbie to CD Freaks, but I’ve been burning DVD’s for a while. I recently purchased an HP m1297c Media Center computer with a 640b dual layer DVD burner. I was using Roxio EMC 7, but discovered that it did not handle DL burning, so I got EMC 8. After using the new software to successfully burn standard 4.7 GB discs (both DVD+R and DVD-R), I tried to burn a DVD-9 which I had downloaded into a VIDEO_TS folder. I used a Verbatim DVD+R/DL disc. In EMC-8, I selected “Copy”, then “Copy DVD Movies” just as I would with a standard 4.7 GB DVD. I also made sure to select “DVD+R Double Layer” in the Disk Size window.

After EMC-8 reported 13% complete, I got an error concerning “exceeded user accessible area of disc” and the program terminated. I rebooted the computer and tried again with the same result. When I tried to examine the disc with Explorer, it showed the basic VOB structure just as a 4.7 GB disc would (that is, it showed the same structure as the VIDEO_TS folder I was copying from). I then tried using Power DVD 6 to view the contents as a DVD, and indeed, it played the first 1GB VOB… then locked up.

I searched several forums, including Video Help, but could find nothing helpful. I also went to the HP website to download the current drivers, but could not find anything on the 640b burner-- only 640e and 640i. I have tried repeatedly to register for the Roxio forums, but they are reporting problems in registration… with no estimate of when it will be fixed. Since DL media is not exactly cheap, I have made no further efforts to burn DL’s.

With apologies that the questions are probably stupid, here goes: In general, has anyone out there experienced this or similar problems?

More specifically…
First, which driver update should I use for my 640b burner-- the 640e or 640i… or does it matter… or is neither one the correct driver for me?

Second, can anyone tell me whether this is likely to be a software or hardware problem?

Third, basically: HELP! I’d like to burn some DVD DL’s, but I don’t want to go to the expense of creating “digital coasters.”

TIA for anyone who can help.


I’m assuming you have an HP640i = internal,
HP640e = external

Go here for your firmware update ,
you want revision b , I have the same burner :smiley:

There’s only one app I’d use to burn DL media. Imgburn/DVD Decrypter. OK I know that’s two but Imgburn was a development from DVD Decrypter.

Create an ISO image from Roxio & burn with one of those I’ve mentioned.

Soooo… “e” is external and “i” is internal… at least I said the question would be stupid! I just hate it when I’m right (and stupid).

Thanks for the reply… I’m going to get the update.

That didn’t take long… I followed the instructions an got the message “your system is not configured with this drive. It does not need to be updated.”

What about revision “c”?

The revision codes b , c and v stand for the original mfr
b = LG
c= BenQ

not sure exactly , but I wouldn’t try c

What firmware version are you now reading for your drive ?
HP DVD Writer 640b [b]E193 /b - this is current , or the most current I could find .

I had the same issue ,
actually , I believe I loaded the e ( external ) firmware ,
I thought it was just me , here, I would try that .

As near as I can tell, my firmware version is E152. Control Panel also lists the driver version as 5.1.2535.0

I had the same issue ,
actually , I believe I loaded the e ( external ) firmware ,
I thought it was just me , here, I would try that .

I noticed on the download page for both the “i” and “e” upgrades that both specified the following drive:

HLDS GWA-4084B 8X DVD(+/-)R/RW DL LS Drive

My burner is 16x on DVD+R and 8x on DVD-R. Is yours the same? This firmware update would seem to be only for 8x… I wonder if that’s why it gave me the error message that “your system is not configured with this drive” when I tried to install it before? If your drive is 16X for +R’s, I’ll give the “e” upgrade a try. Otherwise, do you think I should use it?

Sorry I had to do some digging for the exact download I had used successfully
Here sp 26539

Make sure you turn off ( exit ) AnyDVD / DVD43 when loading

Thanks. I DL’d the file, and will install in a little while.

What burning software do you use? I have EMC 8, and I don’t see anything special about it in the instruction sheet that comes along with the firmware folder. Do I need to do anything beyond just installing the firmware update?

I have Sonic RecordNow! ( it came with the computer )
You just need to make a CD to load and then restart your computer.
Upon restarting , the CD will load the firmware update to the burner .

I don’t regularly use DL though ,
I mostly burn with 1ClickDVDCopy , ( compress DL to a SL )
I can’t see the sense in spending $2.00+^ per disc
when I can produce a beautiful 4.7 copy using 1Click

If you haven’t tried 1Click , you should .
You get a 10 day/burn trial

I guess I’m a creature of habit. If burning an ISO file or VIDEO_TS folder, I’ve always had good luck with Roxio (EMC). If burning an image file, I generally use DVDdecryptor. I have used some of the compression programs, but they usually result in loss of clarity. Do you not experience this? I agree that $2 is a bunch, compared to about a quarter for a 4.7 if you can live with the loss of signal. What I really need to do is really discover the capabilities of this HP m1297c hooked to my HDTV and just watch the AVI/MPG files!

I appreciate all the trouble you went to to help me out. I’ll check into 1Click, along with the other links you gave me. I look forward to chatting with you about future issues… yours or mine!

Thanks again…
the BigGator

I use AnyDVD , no ‘pre ripping’
It’s the ultimate decrypter . Works with any DVD/CD back-up program ,
Sonic , DVDShrink , 1Click read the disc as NOT encrypted .

As far as 1Click ,
I have a 36" Flat-tube , I use a PS2 as my ‘player’
I usually back-up “Full” copies ( MAX compression )
and I can’t notice any difference from the originals

The larger the screen , HD , and your player ,
all may bring out some flaws due to the compression .
I believe most users in this case only back-up “movie only” versions
and have reported great results ,
only resorting to a DL on a few ‘long’ titles .

You should give AnyDVD a try also ,
21 day , unlimited free trial .
I haven’t had a disc that AnyDVD couldn’t handle

Let me know if the firmware helped
take care :slight_smile: peace

Again, many thanks.

I’ve got DVD shrink, but have not used it. I also have a program called “HDTV2DVD” which I use for condensing off-air HDTV recordings. If you’re into that, you might want to give it a try.

I’ll give AnyDVD and 1Click a try as soon as my “allowance” adds up to that much money (I’m retired and assist my wife in her business-- Geez, what a task master, er, mistress).

And since you are on the “Space Coast”, be careful that no big gators sneak up on you… we get down that way from NC about every other month!!!

the Big Gator

If you’re going to use DL media then the vast majority of DVDs will be less than 8.5GB so a straight conversion using AnyDVD to remove the protection & DVD Decrypter to create an ISO image for either it or ImgBurn to burn to your Verbation DL +R media is really the only way to do it. DVD Decrypter will overcome most protections but may struggle with the latest ones where AnyDVD will handle these fine.

Thanks for the advice, TimC. I’ll let you know how it goes with creating the image and then burning with DVD Decrypter.


I tried burning an image file with DVD Decrypter to a DL disc, and it worked fine. Thanks for your suggestion!


The other option is to use ImgBurn , developed from DVD Decrypter , which is just an image burner. As this is still being developed many (most?) have switched to it from Decrypter as their burn engine.