HP 640 different firmware/manufactured date?

Just got this drive from local Walmart. It appeared to be Benq. What I don’t get is the firmware on the label vs. the one reported by the HP util.

I tried the ES04 firmware but got “invalid firmware version”.
Any idea?

Weird. I have bought a “HP 640i” which is recognised as “HP 640c”. Not heard of “v” but maybe it is different because it is a external version of this drive. Seems HP is confused of all this different types like we are :wink:

I have a HP 640i © this drive is a BenQ 1625 and the Phillips Drive is a BenQ based drive also and all 3 firmwares can be crossflashed .The external drives are Lite-On drives and looks like HP has shipped the BenQ firmware update utility with this drive .Contact HP support or cross flash it with the Litey compatible firmware.

No Driver updates for the HP 640e but keep looking here


The best way to identify manufacturer of drive is to look at position of emergency eject hole and position of drive led.

Emergency hole:
BenQ at center of front, Lite-On at the left side of front.
BenQ at right side, Lite-On at left of center.

From pic on HP page I assume this drive is BenQ 1625 in external enclosure. Compare with Lite-On (Philips) external drive. here

BTW, Nero InfoTool can also give you useful information about any optical drive. :wink:

Hp’s LightScribe drives:

Emergency eject hole on the left side – Lite-On OEM
Emergency eject hole in the middle – BenQ/Philips OEM
Emergency eject hole on the right side - LG OEM

Thank you all. The emergency hole is in the middle. However I’m still confused about the firmware though. It seems odd that the actual firmware is different than the label.

Other than that the drive function fine, except write simulation makes the -R disc unusable afterward, 3 disc actually.

Here’s my option !!!

The picture of the drive and the firmware version showing is for an “internal” drive. BenQ uses modified firmware that can’t be x-flashed between internal and external drives without the use of a .CVT file.

That’s why you couldn’t install the internal firmware. Plus, don’t do it, the external firmware provides a higher burst rate. and example on the older Benq equipment is the B7U9 is good for 21MB/s but 47L9 is good for 24MB/s.

Therefore you can’t get over 12X with B7U9 but with 47L9 you can get 16X…

Yeah I thought it was a Ben Q from the emergency hole Picture but HP press releases stateLite On where manufacturing the external x86 dives and LaCie where doing the same for Mac.
So all we need now is the cvt for this drive and we have another firmware to use for BenQ 1625 Lightscibe based drives we can crossflash and play with.

matt_the_rippa i hope there is an update for this external BenQ soon - cause I put my HP640c in an external enclosure. And therefor I would need the special firmware to get better burst rates according to what beach-hobo says.

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HP have stated there will be a 2x Lightscribe update in July so maybe then they will have done a overhaul of the firmware and we will be getting simmilar speeds that the 1620 is getting at the momnet ala’s Media Code Speed Edit is giving these drives a boost with burst rates of 22MB.