Hp 630I is it a liteon?

hp 630I is it a liteon? i need a burner pretty badly. is this a liteon and is it a good burner?

opps found a post on the burner but im still not sure they say its a lite on or philips its sold at walmart if that helps

LiteOn does manufacture a HP 630 drive.

But that doesn’t gaurantee that all 630 drives are LiteOn-made (e.g., LiteOn manufactured Memorex True8x drives, but so did two other companies). Best way to tell if it’s a Litey is by the size of the drive. Is the drive box smaller/shorter than most other drive boxes? If so, then it’s probably a Litey.

im not realy sure i want antoehr liteon i got this 411@811 and it has awefull burn quality,thats why im replaceing it,but dual layer would be nice to but the disk are 10 bucks a peace here

why a HP? take a real liteon, the 832s with dual-layer abilities is only about 60€ in germany, Newegg
has it for 63$.

no credit card so i have to buy localy

The 630 is a rebadged 1633S. The 530 was the 832S.

i only mentioned the 832S because ratman23 mentioned dual-layer…