HP 630i is a benq dw 1620

I bought a hp 630i and after updating “its” firmware, i couldnt burn the spindle of dvd+rs I had already, (from the other hp dvdrw drive i upgraded from. ??)
So after looking on numerous forums I fouund out that my new drive is really a benq 1620. So I flashed it with the 2nd newest firmware for that benq model and it now shows up as a benq 1620 in windows and in other tests (nero, dvdinfo pro etc).
NOTE I did reflash it to the newest firmware for the benq models (b7S9).
Anyway, it DID burn a back-up dvd movie (Im using dvd xcopy express BTW) BUT the it WILL NOT read the movie, it only WROTE IT!! it just seems like theres a blank in the drive now, BUT my other dvd-rom will play it. What the heck?
But it does seem OK burning with a couple of other brands of media.
Im just nervous cause the first brand of dvd+rs I tried failed so , you know first impressions, should I switch it? The quicky media is e3works brand (I THINK its +R, not -R) and i cant any help at the other forums a or anyone who has this drive and similar issues. HELP!!
BTW, is a benq 1620 retail exactly the same as a HP 630i?
NOTE: I ve been asked if Im sure that the HP is a Benq 1620, and it shows up as one in windows device manager, and in nero and dvdinfo pro test as the benq PLUS I dont think I could have flashed it as a benq if it wasnt, right?

You couldn’t have flashed it with a exe flashif it wasn’t a BenQ, you could flash anything with a cvt file. Try and stick with name brand media.

My last burner, also a retail HP never had a problem with the discs that dont work right that Im stuck with now, I realize that it would be the same rebadged benq drive but I really surprised that the first dicss I used with this drive were so crummy, they will burn but cant be read after in the same drive!! I bet no one can give an answer to why that is.