HP 630c/Philips 8631/Benq 1620 crossflash problem

I have (or had is a more appropriate word…hehe) a HP 630c burner with firmware BB03. I have now tried flashing it with different BenQ 1620 and Philips 8631 firmware versions. It seems to work fine, no flashing errors or boot/windows problems. But I can’t get the tray to open.

Anyone got any ideas on what to do?

All help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:
Which drive id and firmware revision do you see ?

I started with flashin it to the 1620 OEM with g7v9 firmware, then go to the 1600 B5G9 firmware. Now it is a 1620 B7M9.

Just to be sure, post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button.