Hp 52x firmware

I have an '04 HP 52x cd writer. It has firmware QPS2. I can burn discs on this, or on 2 nec’s (2500a/7900) or an lg, with KHypermedia (CMC Magnetics) and when I scan them on any burner/reader with nero there are some c1 errors, but no c2 errors and high scores.

Whatever I read or write on the hp it has c2 errors and, unless I slow the read speed down to 16x-32x, it produces very poor results. I can write most any brand of discs at 8x up to 48x and the results on the hp are just not good.

My question is if anyone would no if QPS2 is in fact one of the older Lite-on firmware versions, and if flashing this drive to a lite-on with a newer firmware would improve the situation at all. I have read good things about the 52737 itself. I am not having similar good results.


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Read this.

Backup you current firmware and be careful.


Thanks for the link. I do have one further inquiry. My burnder lists the ltr-52737s as rev 2.1 on the HP label. This should be a non-eeprom second revision burner based on earlier post of others. After backing up the firmware with ltnfw, and reviewing it in wordpad, there is no mention of noneeprom at the end or anywhere else in the firmware.
I have been unable to update the firmware to a lite-on, receiving an error message. Is there some change that this could in fact have an eeprom?

Thanks for any insight. I recently flashed a memorex 52x burner with instructions from this forum and it clearly operates better.

I transformed my HP 52x to a LiteOn 52327S w/NOEEPROM by using Flashfix with an additional utility (can’t remember) in the same directory. The LiteOn firmware covers both older and newer versions, thus, when the extra utility is used by Flashfix, it will allow you to select which firmware to flash your HP to. Just make sure you select the one with NOEEPROM.