Hp 5160 does it print direct to disc?

Have seen threads stating the HP 5160 inkjet printer can print directly on a cd that’s coated on label side for color printing. I can find nowhere that it has a cd/dvd drawer…can anyone clear this up for me…lightscribe is OK since it’s monochrome, but discs are relatively expensive and burn process is slow…but would like an economical way to do in color

Definitely prints onto CD/DVD’s using a tray that slides into the front of it

As to the lightscribe discs being expensive, I didn’t think they were that bad tbh http://www.aprmedia.co.uk/search.php?searchtype=blankcd&searchstring=lightscribe&sector=1&link=m

I can think of several much better choices in a printer, none of them have HP on the front.

Canon ip4500
Epson R285

that sort of thing?

Depends on the intended uses for the printer, but HP is in last place for almost any criteria. Current HP drivers and software are pretty lousy, and the hardware is nothing more than average. Cost to operate is high as well.

For mainly photos and discs, low to moderate volume: Any of the Epson models.

For an everyday workhorse printer with features like dual paper feeds and auto-duplexing, plus discs and photos at moderate to high volume: Canon.