HP 510 does not recognize nec -5590A

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-5500A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Have replaced the slimline drive in my HP 510 laptop with an optiarc NEC 5590A. The laptop will just not recognize it at all. I have upgraded the laptop firmware and spoke with HP and NEC. I’ve deleted the microsoft reg keys to try and make it appear but it does not. In device manager and explorer I cannot see this drive at all. Liggy and Dee talk of similar issues with slimline drives on other models where there are issues with Master\Slave selection. I have tried to use Drive convert but even that does not recognize this Drive. Help I dont really want to send this drive back and certainly don’t want to install a horrible TSL632 that lasted just past 12 months !

Been in the hp firmware but not a lot to play with ?

Fixed it at last !
Did an F10 and tried to boot from an o\s disk but it did not find hardware at all. Took of the front panel of the replavement dvd drive as that appeared to make it not completly click in. Re-seated it without the black facia and hey presto started to see it. Rebooted to my own O\S and it could be seen fine. Drives a bit slow with nero 7; 30 minutes at 8X is not right. Have updated firmware of drive and will see if nero 9 helps. I have now replaced the facia with that from the original HP drive and tightened the brackets that hold it tight and all is fine.
Moral of the story don’t be a lazy sod and replace all the pieces evene for the testing. Should of tried the f10 trick before doing the registry hacking !