HP 420n to NEC 2500A

Any know how a can change my HP 420n firmware to NEC 2500A Firmware to support Dual-Layer

Yes, flash the DOS-version of my 107v2 Beta 5 in DOS :slight_smile:

If you don’t need Dual Layer support Herrie’s 107v2B4 firmware flashed with the DOS Flasher also works really well. I’ve been using it ever since I had the drive just about and have burnt 100+ DVD’s or so with it at this point in time. I haven’t had a coaster unless it was because of a program crash/computer crash or something of that sort. Nothing I could blame on the drive.

Thanks for your help, but i have other question,
I call to HP tech support and they say me that my drive DVD420i cannot record onto dual-layer media.
What is the reason that they say this.

because it was never meant to
it can though by using hacked fw

“they say me that my drive DVD420i cannot record onto dual-layer media.”

That’s a lie.
The proper sentence is:
DVD420i cannot record onto dual-layer media WITH OFFICIAL FIRMWARE.

420i is a NEC2500 in HP-disguise, and you can read lots in this forum about dual layer feature of 2500 (with adequate firmware). I am just one example of successful DL-burns with a 2500 drive (firmware: Herrie’s 1.07 v2b5dlbs).

That’s truth. HP420 with hacked firmware is not HP420 any more.

Well in my opinion that is hair-splitting. IFAIK no one has ever shown any significant difference between NEC 2500A and its OEM derivates and likewise for the NEC 2510A.

The branding done by HP and the likes is only to persuade us consumers to pay a bit more for the brand name - somebody prefers having HP written on the unit instead of NEC but there are still no difference in neither operation, manufacture nor use.

Therefore it is still an HP unit as it has the HP print on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, accept my begging for forgiveness, great sage :bow: , as you are right if you ask Windows. But I ask you, mylord, whom do you believe:
Your eyes looking at the sticker or Windows the almighty looking at the firmware? :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW you can change the identifier string in the firmware, so you can have an HP 420 after firmware-update if you really want to.

That is true, if you really wanted to, you could rename your HP/NEC drive a LiteOn or something else ridiculous.
You’re sure to have issues with recording apps afterwards though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I have DVD writer hp420i and I just read that it supports the Dual Layer. I don’t know anything about the firmware and I don’t know the correct link for the 107v2 Beta 5 (the one that I found is not correct anymore).

The second question is: If I’m not satisfied with the new firmware can I flash with the old original firmware from HP?

Thanks for the support



The link is in the first post of this thread